The Speakers Summit – Seminar Builders

Thursday, November 12, 2020 & Friday, November 13, 2020

with Matt De La Cruz

Time:  8:00am to 5:00pm

Location:  Edgewood Country Club
8399 Commerce Road, Commerce, Michigan, 48382  USA


Course Description

2 full days; Intensive, onsite training. Class will be lesson based and topics will include:


  • How to write and present your 30-minute presentation
  • How to speak with passion
  • Craft and convey messages that are clear, concise and compelling
  • Engage, inspire and inform/persuade with resounding success 


  • Organize material for best flow and maximum impact
  • Provide the right content, not a data dump
  • Spice-up dull presentations and get rid of “boring”
  • Master question-and-answer sessions and win-over tough audiences


  • How to fill up the room
  • How to get coaching clients
  • How to get paid speaking engagements
  • How to be profitable by pouring into and adding value to others

Included Materials & Services

Included Materials & Services:  As part of the training, The Winning Minds Group will also provide each member with the following:

  • Playbook complete with scripts, worksheets and templates
  • Role plays, instruction and feedback
  • Breakfast & Lunch provided daily

Consulting Hours:

Each member will receive the following:

  • Ongoing individual coaching and follow up as needed.

Registration Information

Phone: 248-249-7350

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Life Changing! Our events create a unique setting in which self-discovery and growth are made possible. With live instruction, interactive teachings and one-on-one coaching our seminars are highly sought after and thoroughly enjoyed. Our seminars are the catalyst for change – transforming the lives of those who seek balance, joy, peace and victory in this journey of LIFE! Learn More

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Defining Pivotal Moment for Positive Change! Matt De La Cruz leads one-on-one coaching as well as corporate group coaching. Through a 3 or 6 month MasterMind process, Matt helps to uncover one’s true purpose in life and keeps them accountable along the way. His highly inspirational teachings are taught, reinforced and made accountable for positive steps towards personal growth. Learn More


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